Use of information capsules/cookies

The use of information capsules is regulated by Norwegian law ekomloven § 2-7b. The use of information capsules is not allowed unless the user has been informed and has consented to what information is being treated, to what purpose, and by whom.

Below you will find information about our use of information capsules. By using our website, you are consenting to the placing of information capsules in your browser.

If you do not wish to allow the use of information capsules, you can withdraw your consent by changing your browser settings. You can find instructions on how to do this for Chrome on Google support. In Safari you can block cookies by clicking "Preferences", selecting the "Privacy" tab and "Block cookies, in Firefox you can block all cookies by clicking "Tools", "Options", and un-checking "Accept cookies from sites" in the "Privacy" box.

Information capsules are anonymized on, in order to prevent the linking of information about your use of the website to you as an individual.

We use Matomo Analytics to analyze the use of our websites and to improve the website's usability. We use information capsules to analyze the use of the website. The IP address is anonymized before it is sent on. Matomo may transfer the statistics to a third party if required by law or in cases where a third party is processing the information on behalf of Matomo.