Robert Langlands: Abel Prize winner 2018. Photo: Peter Badge

2018: Robert P. Langlands

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA
“for his visionary program connecting representation theory to number theory.”


The Abel Prize interview

Robert Langlands is interviewed by the two mathematicians Christian Skau and Bjørn Ian Dundas.

The Abel Prize award ceremony

The Abel Prize Award Ceremony, May 22, 2018. The ceremony took place in The University Aula, Oslo, Norway

The 2018 Abel Prize laureate

Shortfilm about Abel Prize laureate Robert P. Langlands.

The 2018 Abel Prize announcement

The 2018 Abel Prize winner was announced March 20 at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Live interview with Robert Langlands

Abel laureate Robert Langlands in conversation with Alex Bellos at a public reception at Det Norske Teatret.

Robert Langlands: On the Geometric Theory

Robert Langlands' Abel Prize lecture. Programme and summary available in the YouTube description.

James Arthur: The Langlands program: arithmetic, geometry and analysis

Programme and summary available in the YouTube description

Edward Frenkel: Langlands Program and Unification

Programme and summary available in the YouTube description

Robbert Dijkgraaf tribute to Robert Langlands

This speech was held immediately after the announcement of the Abel Prize in March 2018. The speaker is Robbert Dijkgraaf, a theoretical physicist and string theorist and the director at Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Acceptance speech by Robert Langlands

Accepteance speech by Robert Langlands. A snippet from the award ceremony.