Bokomslag og portretter av Ragni Piene og Helge Holden

New Book about the Abel Laureates

The fourth book in the series presenting the Abel Prize Laureates is now published. This edition covers the years 2018–2022.

The publication offers the laureate's own accounts of their life and work leading up to the Abel Prize, articles presenting their work, lists of their publications and their résumés.

The researchers presented are:

  • Robert P. Langlands (2018)
  • Karen K. Uhlenbeck (2019)
  • Hillel Furstenberg and Grigoriy Margulis (2020)
  • László Lovász and Avi Wigderson (2021)
  • Dennis P. Sullivan (2022)

In the back of the book a selection of photographs from the events during the Abel Week each year is presented, as well as overviews of lecturers, interviews with the laureates and such.

The anthology is edited by Helge Holden and Ragni Piene, as were the previous editions. Holden is currently Chair of the Abel committee and Professor of mathematics at NTNU i Trondheim. Piene is Professor of mathematics at The University of Oslo.

Buy a copy or download the book for free from Springer (requires subscription)
or download for free here.