Holmboe Prize ceremony

This year's Holmboe Prize winner, Pål Harald Hansen, will be awarded the prize by The Norwegian Mathematical Council at a prize ceremony at Oslo Cathedral School 23 May.

Pål Harald Hansen works at Sandnes and Bjørnevatn elementary school in Sør-Varanger in Finnmark. He has over 30 years of experience as a teacher of mathematics. In the citation from The Norwegian Mathematical Council he is called "a pioneer in the teaching of mathematics".

Pål Harald Hansen comes to Oslo Cathedral School to receive the Holmboe Prize 2024. This is the school where Bernt Michael Holmboe (1795-1850) was a teacher and discovered Norway's greatest mathematician, Niels Henrik Abel. The prize in his name has been awarded by The Norwegian Mathematical Council since 2005 and is financed by the Abel Prize.

The recipient of the prize is appointed by the board ot the Mathematical Council after recommendation by the Holmboe committee.

Time: 23 May at 11 AM
Place: Oslo Cathedral School, Ullevålsveien 31

Holmboe Prize winner Pål Harald Hansen and the chair of The Norwegian Mathematical Council Cordian Riener at the announcement 8 April. Photo: Hallgeir Henriksen/Ságat


  • Musical entertainment by Peblingene
  • Welcome by Patrick Stark, principal of Oslo Cathedral School
  • Joint statement for the teachers who have received honorable mention by Cordian Riener, Chair of the Norwegian Mathematical Council
  • Justification for the choice of Holmboe Prize Winner, by Cordian Riener, Chair of the Norwegian Mathematical Council
  • Speech and presentation of the prize by Kari Nessa Nordtun, Minister of Education
  • Acceptance speech by Pål Harald Hansen, Holmboe Prize winner
  • The winners of UngeAbel present their in depth project
  • Presentation of gifts to the young prize winners
  • Musical Entertainment